What Scents Attract Fish?

When it comes to fishing, there are certain scents that can be used to attract fish. Garlic is one of the most effective scents for drawing fish to the bait, as its strong, jelly-like smell masks any other scent present. Salt, anise, and garlic are all positive scents that can help you catch more fish. On the other hand, fish can be repelled by strong smells like those from soaps and perfumes.

Fish can also be attracted to natural foods like worms and snails, which release low-level amino acids into the water. Fish oil is another great scent for lures and lines, as it remains in the bait and disperses in the water. You can also use freshly killed fish to attract more fish. Studies have shown that some fish can detect chemical sources from hundreds of meters away.

To make sure your lures smell good, use the right scents on your fishing lines and lures. This will help you get a successful catch.

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